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Sequoia, a multifaceted talent, has carved her niche in film, entertainment, technology, and venture capital. As a producer and director, she has created content for some of the most prominent artists and brands in the entertainment industry. Sequoia further showcased her entrepreneurial acumen as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence on Freeform's 'Startup U,' alongside her first investor, billionaire venture capitalist, Tim Draper.

After dissolving her initial tech venture, Sequoia shifted her focus to Commas, a comprehensive platform designed to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by providing exclusive access to premier tech and creative resources. Eventually, she integrated Commas into M13, her venture capital engine, and joined VU Venture Partners as a Venture Partner.

Sequoia's journalistic pursuits include writing for Black Enterprise, where she contributed technology and media content to their national publication and digital platform. She is also recognized for founding an Investment Club dedicated to teaching individuals how to invest in tech companies.


Her adaptability, passion for learning, and innate storytelling abilities have propelled her success across various industries.



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