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Sequoia's career trajectory is a striking example of versatility and innovation, spanning film, media, technology, and venture capital. She first gained recognition in the entertainment industry as a director, where her creative talents shone through in the content she created for prominent artists and brands.

Her entrepreneurial journey was further highlighted on Freeform's 'Startup U' as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, where she collaborated with billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper. This experience showcased her business acumen and set the stage for her subsequent ventures.

Following the dissolution of her initial tech venture, Sequoia pivoted towards developing Commas, a platform designed to empower entrepreneurs with essential tech and creative resources.


Her vision for Commas evolved, leading to its integration into M13, a venture capital engine. This strategic move marked her significant entry into the tech industry and was complemented by her role as a Venture Partner at VU Venture Partners, further solidifying her position in the sector.

In addition to her entrepreneurial and venture capital endeavors, Sequoia made a foray into journalism. She contributed her insights on technology and media to Black Enterprise’s national publication and digital platforms, highlighting her deep understanding of these domains.

Throughout her diverse career, Sequoia's adaptability, passion for learning, and innate storytelling skills have been the driving forces behind her success in multiple industries.


Her ability to seamlessly navigate and contribute to the dynamic worlds of entertainment and technology underscores her as a multifaceted and influential figure in today's digital era.



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